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Our vision

In today’s world the need for inter-faith understanding and mutual respect has never been greater. We believe that it is important to recognize the common grounds shared between religions whilst mutually respecting, valuing and learning about the diversity of our beliefs.

Our aims are to promote religious harmony, dispel ignorance and prejudice about beliefs, foster religious understanding and mutual respect and encourage friendships across religious boundaries.

This is achieved through:

educating and raising awareness of sensitivities within all faiths in our increasingly diverse society • advising individuals, organisations, local government bodies and businesses on matters of religious faith • promoting shared action

on social issues • acting as a public voice

on matters of religious faith

Who we are

The ‘Bedford Council of Faiths’ is an organisation that brings together different faith groups in order to build bridges and engage in activities that strengthen relations and foster friendships between individuals, helping to dispel ignorance and prejudice.  

Our trustees are from local faith communities, elected on an annual basis. We are all volunteers based in the Borough of Bedford and beyond.  Our members consist of both individual and associate  (organisational) supporters. 


Founded in the early 1980s inspired by the Bedford in Harmony initiative, we

obtained charitable status in 2004.

.   We work closely with the Luton Council of Faiths and many other relevant organisations and have representatives on local community groups including the county emergency response team, the university chaplaincy trust, SACRE (standing committed on Religious Education) and many others. 


We are proud to be founding member of "Bedford as One".

Bedford Council of Faiths in affiliated to the national Inter Faith Network.


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