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The Jews are a diverse people who share ethnic, cultural and religious values. Not all Jews define themselves through their faith but those who do hold the oneness of God as a central principle. Learning plays a pivotal role in Judaism starting with religious education for the young.

Study of traditional texts and their commentaries is seen as a lifelong commitment. The most important day in the week is Shabbat, which begins every Friday evening and lasts until Saturday evening. It is a day of rest, peace and prayer. There is also a variety of festivals spread throughout the year, several of which mark both important historical events as well as key points in the agricultural year.

Jews are commanded to love God, through the practice of deeds of loving kindness and ethical behaviour to their fellow human beings. A synagogue is not only for worship but is also a community and study centre. However, much Jewish religious observance takes place in the home, for family life is of central importance in Jewish culture.

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